Cameron Accounting was formed in 2017 to help firms measure and reduce the carbon footprint of their business activities.  We believe accountants influence actions by educating business owners on both the reasons why it is important for them to reduce their carbon footprint and explaining the cost savings and other benefits of doing so. 

Environmental Standards

Our work is based on environmental principles in two ways:

  1. We minimise our own environmental impacts.  Admittedly, no accountancy firm creates huge pollution, but nonetheless, we do our bit to minimise our pollution.  This includes never flying and minimising the use of cars and printers.
  2. We aid and inspire individuals, small businesses, charities and social enterprises to minimise their impacts.  We believe that organisations minimising their environmental impacts benefit with growth, improved efficiency and improved stakeholder relations.  All points that accountants should be able to help achieve

Our approach to combining accountancy and the environment is simple.  First, we give the very best business, accountancy and taxation advice.  Then we support our clients, to the degree that they request, with an explanation of why and how your businesses environmental impacts can be reduced.

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