Author: Ewen S Cameron

Keep your data safe – A guide from Cameron Accounting

Vital business information includes your customer database, marketing materials and financial records. It is key to the success of your company. Effective data security involves understanding what data you hold and how you store and use it. You need to

What are the tax implications if our charity charges for some services?

Corporation Tax and Trading income for Charities Charities are allowed to trade just like a company.   However, depending on weather the trading income is classified as primary purpose trading or trading for fundraising purposes they need to be aware

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How to increase your businesses energy efficiency AND profitability

17% of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions come from our businesses and industrial processes (Source: The 2016 UK greenhouse gas emissions figures) These emissions are produced in different ways, including from industrial processes or from heating – and cooling –

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Receipt Bank – a simple, effective and efficient productivity management tool

Receipt Bank ( Receipt Bank is an app which scans your bills, receipts, invoices and other paperwork and automatically extracts the key details.  This cuts down the bookkeeping time required.  Here’s a short video showing how the app works: It

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Do you know where you are making money?

“What doesn’t get measured doesn’t improve” We can provide you with the figures you need to improve your business. The financial reports we prepare are done using software developed by us, so they can be as unique as you!