How to increase your businesses energy efficiency AND profitability

17% of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions come from our businesses and industrial processes (Source: The 2016 UK greenhouse gas emissions figures)

These emissions are produced in different ways, including from industrial processes or from heating – and cooling – office buildings. In addition to heat-related emissions, greenhouse gas emissions are produced by chemical reactions in industrial processes, or from leaks of fluorinated gases from equipment like refrigerators and air conditioners.
Making these processes greener and more efficient will be an important part of the move towards a low carbon future.

We believe that by improving resource efficiency, using less energy and water and minimising waste, many small UK businesses could save hundreds or thousands of pounds per year whilst also attracting more customers by marketing their green credentials.  

  1. Switch to LED lighting
  2. Go Paperless
  3. Cycle to Work
  4. Switch off Appliances at the End of the Day
  5. Enable Power Save Mode
  6. Unplug Phone Chargers
  7. Swap a Desktop Computer for a Laptop
  8. Recycle Waste
  9. Recycle or Reuse goods you no longer use
  10. Use Hybrid Company Cars
  11. Invest in Energy Efficient Appliances
  12. Read the Newspaper Online
  13. Work from Home
  14. Advocate Meat Free Mondays
  15. Have an Energy Use Audit
  16. Use Video Conferencing rather than Business Trips
  17. Ensure Efficient Heating
  18. Offset with donations to fund projects which contribute towards the protection of our climate.
  19. Use Sustainable and/or Recycled Office Furniture

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Cameron Accounting provide a Carbon Accounting service to all small businesses and organisations not just our accounting, payroll, tax, bookkeeping and Independent Examination clients.   However, if you are thinking of changing your accountant, we’d love to talk about your requirements and how we can help you add the processes needed to your business so that it can become more climate friendly.  

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