Receipt Bank – a simple, effective and efficient productivity management tool

Receipt Bank (

Receipt Bank is an app which scans your bills, receipts, invoices and other paperwork and automatically extracts the key details.  This cuts down the bookkeeping time required. 

Here’s a short video showing how the app works:

It includes the ability to add items by many different ways including:

  • Email (you simply forward your email to a unique email address linked to your Receipt Bank Inbox
  • Photo – You simply snap a photo using your mobile or tablet using the Receipt Bank App
  • Internet Browser – You drag and drop your saved documents to your Receipt Bank account
  • PayPal – All your PayPay purchases can automatically appear in Receipt Bank you simply allow PayPal to share data with Receipt Bank

There are powerful features such as setting supplier rules and linking payment methods to the appropriate bank account.   

We especially like the fact that it removes the requirement to maintain paper copies of receipts (so you can reduce your paper usage).  As receipts processed by receipts bank are retained and archived for 7 years.

How much is it?

Cameron Accounting offers it’s clients Receipt Bank training, set up and usage as part of its bookkeeping service.  Fees depend on how many documents are processed by the app and weather it is us that will be processing the receipts or if our client does this themselves.

Want to Find our more?

Call Ewen Cameron on 01324 620047 and ask for an appointment. 

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